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If you are interested in outdoor activities and in a rural environment, without travelling far from London then Surrey is the place to visit. Of course, dear visitors from other parts of the country, or any other country, you are most welcome too.  Read here about beautiful locations in the county of Surrey and what you can do when you visit them.  So, welcome to the mwLinks Home Page for the best countryside in Surrey.


The SARS-COVID-19 pandemic has severely restricted everybody's enjoyment of the countryside. From 23 March 2020, many beauty spots, including those in Surrey, were closed to the public. Their car parks were barricaded to prevent access.  As of Wednesday, 13 May, some restrictions were slightly lifted and sites were gradually opened to the public.  A further lifting of restrictions was announced on Thursday, 28 May. Details are given  HERE   From Monday 1 June, groups of up to six people are able to meet outdoors in England, including in gardens and other private outdoor spaces.  Recently, it was announced that further relaxation of restrictions would be introduced starting 13 June as explained HERE. Although under review, at the moment, it is still the case that when outdoors, everyone should still keep a distance of at least 2 metres from others.  This applies to everyone, whether walkers, cyclists or joggers.

These regulations apply only in England and not Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland.  However, to state the obvious, Surrey is in England.  Enjoy the countryside but stay safe and remain healthy.



Subject to these precautions, wherever you live, get out into the best countryside in Surrey

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